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Why Julia with eHomeHouston?

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 24, 2015 7:30:00 AM / by Christi Parham

Reasons to use Julia with eHomeHouston as your Houston realtorMoving to the Houston area for the first time? Need a larger house for a growing family or a smaller home for less maintenance and more freedom? No matter what your situation is, Julia at eHomeHouston can help you to reach your goal by providing a friendly and knowledgeable guide to help you every step of the way.

Why would you want to hire a realtor and what makes eHomeHouston stand out from the rest?


With more than 20 years of experience in the Houston area, Julia can offer you the expertise necessary to make an excellent, long-term real estate decision. When you first look at an area, you can only see the surface. It takes someone like Julia Mickum with a long history of knowledge of the areas and values to know about future developments, past sales information, builders' reputations, neighborhood quirks, and more.

For instance, you may see a home that fits your criteria and wonder,

"Why hasn't this perfect home been snatched up by now?"

An agent with experience will help you to understand that a superhighway is slated to be built right behind the house a couple of years from now. Without this guidance, you could be stuck with a home that is very difficult to resell in the future.


You should never be put in an uncomfortable situation because your real estate agent has behaved in an unethical manner. During the negotiations of your purchase or sale, agents have an obligation to be honest and knowledgeable. Tweet_This When you work with Julia from eHomeHouston, you don't have to worry about this ever being an issue.

Julia's many clients over the years have come to trust her ethical conduct and respectful way of working with everyone involved in each transaction. She takes the high road in her associations with clients, buyers, sellers, title companies, lenders, and everyone else involved. An untarnished reputation among all who know and work with her is a great source of pride for Julia.

Personal Service

Your home is about as personal as it gets, and when you involve someone in your decisions about where and how to live, choose carefully. Tweet_This  Julia makes your agenda her agenda, and she knows what matters when it comes to buying or selling a home and moving.

  • Julia sends pizza on moving day because she knows how tired and hungry you'll be.
  • She contributes to the beer or soda budget - as long as she gets invited to the housewarming. :)
  • She'll have tips to make your home more sellable when getting ready to put it on the market.
  • She even has a supply of staging items, which can be loaned to sellers at no charge!
This is the kind of personal service you can count on when you work with Julia and eHomeHouston.

When you work with a larger real estate firm, there might be 10 people involved in the process, and the feel is completely different.  You may have to explain details to several different people before you get to the person who can actually answer your question. Who has time for this? We like to keep our operation small so we can manage the details, saving you precious time and potential frustration.

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Houston area, you owe it to yourself to give Julia a call. With her years of experience, her commendable ethics, and personal service, you'll be in good hands. 

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Christi Parham

Written by Christi Parham