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Top 10 Favorite Dog Parks in Houston

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Top 10 dog parks in Houston

For all of the pet lovers out there, we know that play time and exercise for our furry friends is important. Houston has so many choices to choose from when it comes to dog parks and dog runs throughout the city. Here's a list of 10 of our favorite! 

We are serious pet lovers here at ehomehouston. Julia has two dogs of her own so she understands how important it is for pets to be comfortable in their new home, too. Who knows, maybe we will see you at one of them sometime!

1. Millie Bush Dog Park – 16101 Westheimer Pkwy – Houston

Millie Bush stands out among the crowd of dog parks in the city for several reasons. It covers a large 15-acre expanse, features parking for 100 vehicles and offers several swimming options – perfect for some cooling down. The fact that Millie Bush is so great is not surprising, considering it was designed by several operators of existing dog parks and the Houston Dog Park Association.

2. Gene Green Dog Park – 6500 East Sam Houston Pkwy N – Houston

The dog parks here are separated into a park for smaller dogs and a park for bigger dogs. This park is all about conservation. Many features are made from recycled materials. One of the coolest aspects of Gene Green Dog Park is that it is part of a much larger park, the Gene Green Beltway Park. If you are looking to wander around and have some fun, you will enjoy the 250 acres of activities and play equipment here.

3. Bill Archer Park – 3201 Hwy 6 North – Houston

If you are interested in finding the biggest dog parks in the area, Bill Archer Park should be on your list. This expansive 20-acre park offers everything you need to have a good time with your dog. There are separate large dog and small dog areas – each with a great big swimming pond! - and there are showers for your dog, water fountains and plenty of shade.

4. Pawm Springs Dog Park – 15300 University Boulevard – Sugar Land

Pawm Springs just had to be on this list. Designed to replicate a tropical landscape for you and your dog to enjoy, Pawm Springs covers six acres and includes separate areas for smaller dogs and bigger ones. The pond features a “beach” where you can hang out on loungers among some tropical plants with your pup. Pawm Springs has plenty of shade as well.

5. Market Square Park Dog Runs – 301 Milam – Houston

Market Square Park Dog Runs is a great getaway when you are in the city proper. Situated near the towering skyscrapers of downtown Houston, it offers separate areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs, as well as water fountains, water features, paths and benches.

6. Pundt Park – 4129 Spring Creek Dr – Spring

Pundt Park is another really popular area for dog lovers. The park spans over 380 acres. Although the dog park is only a small section of that, it allows you to spend some time off leash playing fetch before you wander the trails through the park. There are two lakes where you can go fishing, and there are equestrian trails as well if you like riding horses.

7. T.C. Jester Dog Park – 4201 West T.C. Jester Blvd – Houston

At only about an acre in size, this is one of the smaller dog parks, but it is extremely popular all the same. It features different areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs, along with drinking fountains, benches, trees for shade and stations where you can wash your dog.

8. Maxey Bark Park And Run Park – 601 Maxey Rd – Houston

This park is another great one for when you want some space for you and your dog. It covers 13 acres, where you wander through woodland and throw the fetching ball as far as your arm will allow. There are drinking fountains if either of you get thirsty, as well as dog showers.

9. Ervan Chew Dog Park – 4502 Dunlavy – Houston

Although it may not be the biggest dog park, or feature all the amenities of some of the other newer parks, we have to mention Ervan Chew for a very important reason – it was the first park to allow dogs to run free in the city. It is still a popular destination for dog owners today.

10. Partnership Park – 5150 Red Bluff Rd – Pasadena

Partnership Park is one of the newest additions to dog parks in the Houston area. It has been designed to be fun for dogs, kids and adults. There is a playground here for the kids, as well as separate areas for small and large dogs.

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Christi Parham

Written by Christi Parham