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Quirky Places in Houston Neighborhoods

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 15, 2015 12:09:00 PM / by Christi Parham

Quirky places in Houston neighborhoodsWhen the time comes to set up home sweet home in the Houston area, it's only natural that you'll be a little picky - and if your home turf is one that you never want to be done exploring… Houston has just what you want!

Finding a quirky little neighborhood to put down roots ensures that you'll still be finding places to explore years later, either with your partner or with little ones in tow.

Houston has plenty for the business professional, and it's also full of wonderfully weird little attractions to keep things interesting. Here are a few must-see secrets you'll love as a new Houstonian:

The Bubble Button of Buffalo Bayou

Both an entertaining tongue twister and a curious bit of Houston entertainment, this nondescript red button can be found tucked in a pillar on the Preston Street bridge. When pressed, the button releases a bubble of compressed air into the waters of the bayou, which would otherwise grow stagnant from still water.

There's a trick to the button - it's definitely a team event, as you won't be able to see the bubble if you're the press-ee. Take a friend and swap off pressing - it's a silly but fun way to spice up a stroll through the theater district. Oh, and if you're not in a button-pressing mood, don't worry - bubbles are injected into the water on a regular basis without help from passersby.

The Infamous Listening Vessels of Wortham Foundation Gardens

What's better than sculpture? Interactive sculpture that allows you to speak into it, of course! These quirky pieces of concave limestone are specially shaped, allowing a whisper in one to be clearly heard in the other nearly 70 feet away.

Sculptor Doug Harris created these neat sculptures, which are great for impromptu bets or playing around on a day hike through the lovely surrounding gardens.


The Art Car Museum

While the prospect of looking at classic cars may not necessarily get everyone's motor running, these unique vehicles appeal across the board. Covered in wacky items like seashells, polished wood and even gargoyles with light-up eyes, this collection of cars is anything but ordinary.

Found in the Washington Park neighborhood near Memorial Avenue, visitors caution that the entrance can be a little tricky to find, but the free admission makes the hunt well worth it.

These three fascinating stops are only a fraction of the quirky little stops to be discovered in Houston, so don't let a chance to move into this fun Texas town pass you by.

Julia Mickum of eHomeHouston is ready to unlock this treasure trove of quirky delights by finding you your dream home, so give her a call today!

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