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New City? New You! Explore the Opportunities in Houston

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Opportunities available in the Houston area

Whether you are looking to relocate after all of your children have grown into adults or you're just beginning to raise a family, the greater Houston area is a great place to open up a world of new opportunities.

Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth most in the United States with a reported population of nearly 2.4 million in 2014. (Click to Tweet!) It has many types of living spaces from which you can choose, great schools for your children, and an outstanding higher education system where you or your grown children can get a great education.

When you want to go out and have fun, Houston has nearly 50,000 acres of public green space among its many parks, professional  sports teams, wonderful shops, an active nightlife, and a rich cultural and art scene, all of which provide you and your family with lots of recreational opportunities.

Strong Local Economy

If you want to find a good job in Houston, the city has a robust economy driven largely by the oil and gas industry, but it also is diversified. The unemployment rate is a low 4 percent, which means most people who want jobs have them. Although Houston is located inland, a canal system gives it access to the Gulf of Mexico, making the city a prime hub for shipping and commerce. The local school and higher education system produce a well-trained workforce, and there are plenty of educational and training opportunities of which you can take advantage to increase your employability, advance your career, and improve your earning potential.

Outstanding Schools and Higher Education

The Houston public and private school systems are well-funded, and you can find a great school for your children to attend. Most offer a great combination of educational and recreational opportunities for your children, and you can become involved through booster organizations and other local entities. Houston also is home to the University of Houston, which is a tier one research institution and the third-largest university in Texas, as well as several community colleges.

Houston it is home to University of Houston-Clear Lake,  University of Houston-Downtown,  University of Houston-Sugar Land, and  Texas Southern University, which has a legacy of being an historically black institution, and is among the largest in the United States. Houston also is home to the private Rice University, which U.S. News & World Report ranks among the nation’s top 20 universities. Several other private colleges and extensive public community college systems also are located in Houston. To name a couple, there is Houston Community College and the Lone Star College System; both of which have multiple campuses throughout Houston. 

Great Place for Being Active

Houston enjoys outstanding weather year-round, and that makes it a great place for you and your family to take advantage of the many outdoor and other recreational opportunities offered in Houston. The city’s park system includes interconnected trails, numerous public parks, municipal golf courses, and recreational programs that you can enjoy individually or with your whole family. Pets are family too, right? Check out 10 of our favorite dog parks in the Houston area. The city also has many popular areas where you can have fun on and in the water while fishing, boating, skiing, diving, and of course -swimming, which can be done practically year round! . The Gulf Coast is less than an hour away, and that gives you many great opportunities for sunbathing and other beach activities.

Great Shopping, Restaurants and Nightlife

When you want to go shopping or have a night out on the town, few cities can match Houston’s diversity of shops and fun that are at your disposal. The geographically large city features several “downtown” centers besides the one closest to City Hall. Here are some of our favorites.

The city has numerous malls, outlet stores, boutique shops, restaurants, and more that provide a wide range of shopping and dining potential. If you like specialty markets, the H-Town area is experiencing a surge in local markets that offer many specialty foods and other items that can’t be found in such quantity or quality in many other locations. Houston also has many great clubs, theaters, and other fun venues. Some of each of these great activities can be found in almost any part of the city, as well as correspondingly diverse housing options!

There is clearly something for everyone in Houston, Texas. Whether you're coming to visit or you're here to stay, Houston welcomes you with warm hospitality and events for days!

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