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Kids Left the Nest, Now What? Tips From Your Houston Realtor

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 20, 2015 8:14:00 AM / by Julia Mickum

Real estate tips for empty nesters

There is nothing more precious and satisfying than witnessing your kids grow up into successful adults and getting on with their lives happily. However, as your kids become independent, it is obvious that they will fly the coop soon. For many empty nesters, it is a daunting experience. Yet many survive it in a much better way. Having no children in the house to take care of often sounds good only in theory; when the house turns into a quiet place with rare laughs and conversations, a wonderful home can turn into a less happy place in just couple of days. 

While it’s natural to feel nostalgia, here are few adjustments you can make to your lifestyle in order to adapt to the big change:

  • Re-Acquaint With Your Spouse- Use your "empty nest" to cherish marital relationship and celebrate the joys of life. Recall your days before kids came along and revel in the fact that it’s your time and you may spend it the way you want with your partner.
  • Ignite Your Social Life- Get connected with old friends and plan get-togethers, dish parties or a night out in the city. Being socially active will help you have desired company and repel the feeling of loneliness.
  • Have Healthy Hobbies- Since now you don’t have to cook and look after kids, you can focus more on your physical health and start exercising to keep yourself sharp and busy. There is absolutely no need to join a gym for that. You can turn an empty room into a home gym and enjoy your workout. (Aerobic dance is an interesting way to have fun and shed off those extra pounds.)

Couples buy big houses and properties when they start a family but years later when the kids decide to move out, parents are stuck with a house which is too much for their residential needs and requires regular, costly maintenance. Over the years, lending a helping hand to empty nesters in downsizing, real estate professionals observed that summer is the most popular time to move because the fresh graduates have just flown off the nests. Downsizing your home can offer various financial and emotional benefits such as:

  • Less maintenance costs- Downsizing to an apartment home or condo stamps out the need for lawn and backyard service. A considerable reduction in cost of  cleaning, roofing and overall house maintenance will take place once you opt for a suitable residence according to your new lifestyle. By the way, if you need a repair soon, check out our list of preferred vendors
  • Lower taxes- No one wants to pay a heavy tax for an empty house, moving to a smaller place will cut off a large part of the property tax.
  • Boost savings- The fortune you saved on your mortgage will double your retirement savings and lead to strong financial stability.
  • Provides freedom- Did you wish for sailing trips or to be playing golf daily? Having a downsized home will allow you to have more freedom to explore and resume the activities you were unable to enjoy when you had a large property to maintain.

It's a tough process to purge and go through this process alone. A professional real estate company can guide you all the way, sorting tons of paperwork in a systematic way and suggesting the most suitable homes for you. A full-service real estate broker will also have established relationships with others who can make this transition easier:

  • Vetted organizers to help you feel in control of downsizing
  • Moving and storage companies to get you through the transition
  • Other professionals such as CPAs and attorneys to advise on how to leverage your new status  

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