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Houston Homes: Architectural Trends To Match Your Lifestyle

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 22, 2015 12:19:00 PM / by Julia Mickum

Architectural trends in Houston homesWhether you are in need of more room for your expanding family, or you’re looking to scale back, finding a new Houston home with an architectural style that matches your personality and lifestyle is essential.

Fortunately, Houston is home to a variety of single-family residence styles to suit any personal aesthetic, from classic to contemporary. Some of the most popular styles are:

  1. Colonial Revival

  2. Queen Anne

  3. Mid-Century Modern

  4. Craftsman

  5. Bungalow

Check out some of our favorite characteristics of each style!

Colonial Revival

If you are looking for a statuesque two-story, a Colonial Revival might be the perfect choice for you. Tweet_This Some of the key features of this classic, traditional, understated style include:

  • Tall, rectangular shape
  • Hipped or side-gabled roof and narrow eaves
  • Double-hung multi-paned windows, bay windows, and proportional shutters
  • Two-story pilasters, classical columns, Palladian windows, dentil trim under the eaves
  • Centered, paneled door flanked by sidelights, topped with a fanlight or transom
  • Covered centered entrance accented with pilasters, columns, pediment.
  • Wood clapboard or brick siding, or shingles on New England style Capes.

Queen Anne

If the architecture of gothic cathedrals is appealing to you, the Victorian details of the Queen Anne style might be a good fit. Tweet_This Decorated with an eye for embellishment, they are easily identified by both form and style. They are fairly large, one to two-story homes with irregular shapes, prominent porches, and high-pitched roofs.

While there are two types of Queen Anne houses, they both often feature bay windows and patterned shingles or siding. The decorative trim on the porch sets them apart – the Free Classic version features classical porch columns while the Spindlework version sports highly decorative wood trim and turned posts. These are also known as “Gingerbread” houses.

Mid-Century Modern

For open floor plans, ample windows, intentionally simplistic interior spaces, and an emphasis on bringing outdoor elements inside look no further than the Mid-Century Modern style. Tweet_This The key elements in a Mid-Century Modern include:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Flat roofs; gabled roofs on ranch style homes
  • Flat planes and regular, geometric lines
  • Split level spaces with changes of elevation
  • Partial or half-walls; cabinets of varying heights
  • Multiple access points to the outdoors, multiple outdoor views
  • Design elements that encourage an appreciation of healthy living and integration with nature.
  • Large windows with expansive glass panes allowing light to enter from many angles


The Craftsman building style is one of the most popular architectural styles in America. Tweet_This With a shift away from intricate decoration and an emphasis on restraint and order in the decorative arts, The Craftsman embodies the Arts and Crafts Movement popular in the early 1900s. The main difference between Craftsman houses and Queen Anne homes is that while decorations are still prominent, they are more simplified and less fussy. Craftsman homes can often be identified by exposed rafters and decorative brackets under deeply overhanging roof eaves. Other unique design elements include:

  • Double-hung windows
  • Low-pitched roofline hipped or gabled roof
  • Handcrafted woodwork and stone
  • Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design motifs
  • Mixed materials throughout
  • Tapered, square columns


While Craftsman details are often found in bungalows, all bungalows are not built in the Craftsman style. Tweet_ThisBoth the Bungalow form and Craftsman style were developed by Greene and Green, California architects who were brothers. Rather than the irregular shapes and high-pitched roofs common to Queen Anne houses of the late 1800s, the boxy Bungalows featured low-pitched roofs and wide eaves. Bungalows feature:

  • One to one-and-a-half stories
  • Low architectural profile with broad eaves
  • Large front porch
  • Open floor plan
  • Built in cabinetry
  • Brick, stucco or lapped or shingle siding
  • Easy access to outdoor spaces such as patios, porches, and verandas

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