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Get to Know Julia Mickum - A Houston Real Estate Expert

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 12, 2015 5:14:00 PM / by Christi Parham

Julia Mickum - Houston Real Estate ExpertHouston is a bustling property market when it comes to buying or selling homes.

Choosing an experienced and trustworthy agent will save you from much time spent, worry, money and will ensure you make the right decisions.

Julia Mickum, the owner of eHomeHouston, a real estate company, is a golden name in real estate sales for the entire Houston metropolitan area. As a top professional for 20 years, she is one the finest realtors who work to find the best possible option for each and every one of her clients.

She is best known for her farsightedness; analysis and research regarding projecting future values for residential, land and commercial properties. This unique skill makes Julia  the one to call when making any real estate purchase - from your personal residence to your first or 50th investment property.

Entering the real estate business during the late 90’s when Houston was rated as one of the fastest growing cities of America due to its promised cheap real estate, Julia worked her way through the worst property periods of 2008.

“Self-made” and proud of it, Julia built her clientele one by one, without the usual first timers of family members or spouses employees! Working to serve each individual's needs has spread her reputation as far as the Woodlands, Coastal areas, and Hill Country, as well as in inside and outside all of Houston’s loops!

Her client profile says much about her range and ability. Mature people such as empty nesters, well educated and frequently traveled professionals who made logical decisions about purchasing and investing in properties. Young professionals looking to make Houston the first home of their own. New and growing families whose needs seem to adjust every few years. And anyone who is making a change in lifestyle that requires a change in living space will find the perfect guidance for their situation with Julia.

Julia is a friendly, cooperative and welcoming person who hates to refuse help regardless of the property price range. She has sold real estate from the starter home to the multi-million dollar - which has given her a dynamic approach towards dealing in all kinds of properties.

“I help good people make good decisions - and good people come at all price points!”

Following are some advantages of hiring a real estate expert:
  1. Avoid hefty paperwork and red tape - Julia will guide you all the way through dozens of pages and ensure the process is done within complete accuracy.
  2. Save time and energy - It is impossible to spend more than 4 hours a day in order to catch the right deal. Hiring a full-time agent like Julia (who can and WILL) puts you at the right place at the right time.
  3. Don’t fear the “make-ready” - In case your property is not in a sellable position, an expert like Julia will have a sound network of landscapers, handymen and contractors to call on to get your property ready to put its “best foot forward”.
  4. No need to negotiate - Negotiating is an art and each transaction needs its own strategy. Julia deals daily with all the pitfalls and clauses of the real estate sale to maximize the benefit to YOU!

Let’s set up a time to talk! Julia and eHomeHouston want to show you a free market analysis of what your property is worth, and all the options ahead to consider!

Don’t take the real estate journey by yourself. Contact Julia and eHomeHouston today. Start the conversation that will make your future in real estate an adventure you enjoy!  
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Christi Parham

Written by Christi Parham