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6 Smart Ways to Vet Your Realtor

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 11, 2016 5:14:00 AM / by Christi Parham

6 Smart Ways to Vet Your Realtor

Here’s the thing about choosing a real estate broker—it’s the first step to establishing a long-term, close relationship. This person will be working alongside you to make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

So, it’s important to find the realtor who meets your needs from the get-go. For smooth sailing, check out these tips, and learn how to vet your soon-to-be new best friend!

  1. Look for Responsiveness

A professional realtor should return your call or other means of contact within 24 hours. No one likes to be put on hold (literally or figuratively).

A realtor who gets in touch within a reasonable timeframe values her customers and their time. It’s that simple.  

  1. Ask for References

Don’t be afraid to ask for them. In fact, your realtor should provide references willingly. Talking with past clients will give you more insight into their working style and practices. And don’t forget to check with current ones too!  And be sure to validate references too, before moving forward.

  1. Check for Listening Skills

We’ve all been in a conversation that seems like a one-way street. One person does all the talking, and the other can barely get a word in edgewise. That’s not what you want from your realtor.

Look for a professional who hears what you need and want first.

  1. Make Sure They’re Available

Ideally, you want a realtor who will work directly with you instead of passing you off to someone else.

As far as working with assistants goes, they should make the responsibilities of each party clear and share the best means of contact for all individuals involved. There is a big difference between unlocking doors and negotiating a contract.

  1. Learn More About Their Experience

Does your realtor know how to negotiate? Are they ethical and responsible? Do they have the appropriate professional associations and licenses? Nothing against newer licensees, everyone started as a beginner - but there is much to be said for experience.

This is one area you don’t want to skimp on. Remember: your realtor is your partner. A professional will have no problem with you checking on licenses, certifications and professional associations. It’s par for the course.

  1. Test for Local Market Knowledge

Knowing your city and its real estate trends are important. But being able to put hyper-local knowledge to use is even more so.

Find out what areas your realtor typically works in and the type of clients they have. A realtor who has expertise in your target neighborhood will be able to provide you with insider knowledge. This insight might be knowing when to cross the street for lower prices or which neighborhoods have the most active communities.  And an experienced one knows the questions to ask - which is important when you might not!

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Christi Parham

Written by Christi Parham